At Eco Clarity we believe that renewable resources and pure drinking water play a central role in sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations. We are focussed on building and improving Circular Economies. Through the real time harvesting and conversion of waste we are able to significantly reduce societies reliance on landfill.  


In 2016, the UK alone generated in excess of 7.7 Million tonnes of bio degradable waste which was disposed of unnecessarily at landfill. This is the equivalent of 290 Billion Kilojoules, enough energy to boil 900 million kettles, or to power 420 Nuclear Aircraft carriers.


Our modular and scalable technologies have been developed to tackle the major problems facing the Food Service, Sanitation, Municipal and Wastewater industries where the majority of bio-organic waste is generated. By managing and servicing these waste streams we are able to significantly REDUCE costs, promote RECYCLE, REUSE and the efficient conversion WASTE TO POWER and FUEL.

For governments, municipalities and councils we offer the consultation and supply of applicable technologies for the processing, conversion and sale of waste feedstock. This process rewards communities for environmental awareness and builds the circular economy. 

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