Eco Clarity has developed a revolutionary technology for the recovery of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) generated by Food Service Establishments (FSE’s). Eco Clarity’s FOG Consolidation Hubs provide accessible disposal locations for haulers to sustainably dispose of FOG containing wastewater before it enters the sewer network or waste water treatment works, where it can be a major cause of blockages, spills and reactive and costly clean-up operations.

Eco Clarity is able to consolidate the FOG present in this waste into a feedstock suitable for Bio Diesel production, which is then blended with the Diesel available at all service stations. This enables FSE’s, Haulers and Water Utilities who use Eco Clarity’s FOG Consolidation Hubs for disposal of their waste, the ability to create a circular economy, by running their diesel cars and trucks on the waste that they generate.

Eco Clarity is excited to be working with Southern Water to launch this service in the next 12 months.