Chris’ passion is the development of solutions for combatting current inefficient approaches to wastewater collection and disposal, and the creation of green economies focussed on the conversion of waste to energy and clean water.

With his first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the problems facing National and Private Water Utility Companies, and their obligations for achieving their zero carbon directives, he and and co-founder, Veronica Cazarez, established Eco-Clarity in 2013.

Working with large biodiesel companies and Water Utilities over the past 7-years, the company has successfully developed the core wastewater separation technology, The Eco-Ceptor, which combats problematic Fat, Oil and Grease build-ups, significantly reducing reactive clean up and disposal costs, the reliance on landfill, and the conversion of waste to energy.

Chris’ goal is to further refine its operation to generate large volumes of potable water wherever the company’s technology is deployed.


Co- Founder, Investor Representative & Director


Veronica is actively involved in the development and implementation of Eco-Clarity’s core business and public relations strategies. She plays a key role in identifying joint venture opportunities to further the domestic and international expansion.

Veronica has extensive commercial experience in the energy, trade, and telecommunications sectors, as well as diplomatic experience in various regions including Malaysia, the Philippines, the Middle East and Central Africa.



Non-Executive Director

Commercial / Business Growth


David is highly experienced in business strategy, finance and establishing and growing small to medium size businesses. David couples this with sector specific experience in waste and renewable energy. After completing his honours degree in economics and finance David started his career as an economist before moving into management consulting with Mckinsey and Company. Whilst with Mckinsey David focused on business strategy and operational change programs across a number of large industrial companies in Australia and South Africa. He became head of merchant waste for Lend Lease responsible for the development and delivery of large scale municipal and commercial waste infrastructure in the UK.

In 2009 David started G2 Energy, a renewable energy development in Canada. Focused on solar energy they delivered a number of large-scale solar installations across Ontario. David remains director of G2 Energy. In 2013 David founded Bailey Nelson UK (later Ollie Quinn) a own branded retailer of glasses and sunglasses. By the time David exited the business he had grown the business to revenues of $14 million with 28 stores across the UK and Canada.


Non-Executive Director



Deighton is a United Kingdom qualified solicitor with international legal experience across a variety of industries. He has advised on financial, legal, commercial and company secretarial matters in relation to a number of different jurisdictions including within the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia- Pacific, the United States and Latin America. Deighton has also advised banks, purchasers, vendors and institutional investors on a broad range of banking matters and various acquisition and corporate finance transactions. In addition, Deighton currently serves as General Counsel at TransAsia Private Capital and previously held in-house legal roles at Greensill Capital (UK) Limited, Accenture (UK) Limited, Barclays Bank PLC and Verizon Business, a division of Verizon Communications INC. Deighton completed his legal training at Osborne Clarke, a UK based law firm.


Operations Manager


Chris is a qualified operations manager focussed on innovative and efficient solutions to waste management. He has more than 16 years of Industrial Waste Management experience and has worked with some the largest private waste management companies in the UK.

He has developed systems for the treatment and disposal of non-hazardous wastes, including (Fats, Oils & Grease) FOG, and has also designed and upscaled existing sewerage treatment works to expand private sewage treatment networks.

He is an expert in waste logistics, managing a fleet of 150 vehicles across 12 depots. He was able to maximise their efficiencies for the collection, transportation and disposal of waste at private and wastewater utility sites, significantly increasing tickets per day whilst reducing the kilometres per ticket.

A born innovator, he has worked on a variety of projects for the conversion of waste, including the agricultural recycling of sewage cake, and the development of FOG collection and dewatering for Biofuel feedstock.