Restaurants and commercial kitchens depend on trap service companies to ensure that their grease traps are pumped in a timely manner to prevent build ups and backlogs which can result in costly shutdowns and clean up expenses.


Using our Eco-Ceptor technology, Eco Clarity is able to removing up to 98% of the Fats, Oil and Grease before they enter a restaurant trap, resulting in significant trap cleanliness, the elimination of fines for excessive BOD’s being discharged in waste water and trap maintenance costs.  Harvested FOG and solid Bio-Organic waste is then used as feedstock for Biogas and Biodiesel production, giving our customers Green Credentials endorsed by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.


Our Eco-Ceptor plants are scalable and modular to fit all industrial kitchen applications. Other enhancements to the Eco-Ceptor are available, these efficiencies include advanced purification and reuse of water effluent in WC facilities, dishwashers or communal gardens.

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