Biogas is a renewable, clean, source of energy. Gas generated through bio-digestion is non-polluting and reduces greenhouse emissions and is a great opportunity to combat global warming. Biogas generation helps cut reliance on the use of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal. Unlike other types of renewable energies, the process is natural, not requiring energy for the generation process. In addition, the raw materials used in the production of biogas are renewable. Manure, food scraps, crop residues and other bio-organic waste are readily available as feedstock.

Overflowing landfills don’t only spread foul smells- they also allow toxic liquids to drain into underground water sources. Consequently, yet another advantage of biogas is that biogas generation may improve water quality. 

The by-product of the biogas generation process is enriched organic (digestate), which is a perfect fertilizers. This fertilizer can accelerate plant growth and resilience to diseases.


The gas manifested can be used directly for cooking and generation of electricity. This is what allows the cost of biogas production to be relatively low. In large plants, biogas can also be compressed to achieve the quality of natural gas, and utilized to power automobiles.

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